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Große Dinge beginnen oft klitzeklein, kleine Schritte haben große Bedeutung und Wirkung.

Seid über 13 Jahren schon, versuche ich Dinge zu bewegen. Wir haben viele Erfolge zu feiern, aber auch Enttäuschungen. Beides sind Gründe die mich motivieren weiterzumachen und nicht aufzugeben. In Chroniken zeige ich videos, unsere Mediapräsenz und Auftritt in den Sozialen Medien.

Haben Sie nicht auch Interesse daran etwas zu bewegen?

Allein der Wunsch danach, ist schon der erste Schritt. Jetzt geht es an die Planung und Umsetzung und falls Sie Hilfe dabei brauchen, melden Sie sich bei mir.  

In The Company Of Horses - Haenertsburg

In The Company Of Horses - Haenertsburg

Yesterday, we got to spend some time in the company of horses. Even though I grew up with them, I haven't been on a horse in 20 years and was beyond excited when we got an invite to visit Loyd, Isabel, little Ivory and their beautiful animal-family on a farm just outside of Haenertsburg, Magoebaskloof. At first glance you could mistake Loyd for a cowboy, tall and lean, with his dusty leather chaps but you soon come to realise he is a true horseman. His deep understanding and respect for horses infuses his relationship with them as well as the experience he offers his guests. He says, “All of our work considers the horse first, we go bitless, we go shoeless and we go treeless. We want them to enjoy the experience as much as we do.” Loyd feels strongly that “as a species, we humans have a historical debt towards horses. From fighting for Atilla The Hun, to drawing the cart that led to the invention of the automobile. His partner, Isabel, with daughter Ivory firmly on her hip, elaborates saying, “through horses, our goal is to connect people to nature and the surroundings. We ride through a variety of habitats like the grasslands, indigenous forest and even up to the Iron Crown peak in the Wolkberg Mountain range above Haenertsburg. What the horses do with their calm presence is bring us back to earth, they ground us and allow us to connect and transform.” Saddling up Mbomvu, my equine partner for the afternoon, I could feel my pulse dropping...gently walking along dusty tracks, I could see the world once again through a horse's ears...a different perspective. As we turned a corner the sun kissed my cheeks, and my jaw unclenched. I could breathe. Suddenly I started noticing the small things, the way the light danced with the grass, the salty shimmer on Mbomvu's back and the unique smell of the wintery grassland. In that moment it all came together...I leaned over, gave Mbomvu a hug and whispered a thank you into his ear fo an unforgettable experience which allowed me the time to reflect and reconnect. To book get in touch with Loyd and Isabelle and see Magoebaskloof with new eyes! ------------------------------------------------------------------------ Equine Adventures have offered 4 lucky Lovers of Limpopo a picnic outride in the company of horses in one of the spectacular spaces around Magoebaskloof. All you need to do is share this post and tag 3 friends in the comments. Follow Equine Adventures on Facebook and Instagram and win. Winners will be announced next week Saturday 22 May 2021. ------------------------------------------------------------------------ #horsesandmountains #horseriding #horses #horsetrails #equineadventures #lovelimpopo #lovelocal #alongroute71
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